Launched since June 6, 2019 by the European Commission, the EIC Accelerator aims to make Europe a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The EIC Accelerator is exclusively intended for SMEs with innovative concepts likely to shape new markets in Europe and around the world. With a budget envelope of more than 1.3 billion euros, the EIC gives priority to individual projects allowing the company to accelerate the marketing of its innovation, to change scale and dimension . The subsidy can reach up to €2.5 million and can be combined with an equity investment (specialized investment funds) capped at €15 million in the context of more advanced development projects.
Applicant companies will have to demonstrate the degree of innovation of their product, process or service and have developed an ambitious marketing strategy, with high internationalization and growth potential.

EIC Accelerator
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The SME can set up demonstration, test, prototyping, miniaturization, scale-up of production, industrialization, development of commercial applications, etc. activities in order to arrive at a product / service / process at the end of the project; Almost ready to go on the market. The 30-page proposal to be submitted includes the following 3 parts: Excellence, Impact, and Implementation.

Project duration: 12 to 24 months
– Subsidy from €0.5M to €2.5M for projects with activities from TRL 6 to TRL 8
– Mixed funding if the project includes activities very close to the market beyond TRL8, i.e. the subsidy up to TRL 8 and an equity stake by the European Commission (between €0.5M and €15M maximum ) beyond TRL 8.
Applicants must indicate whether they wish mixed funding and the desired amount for equity funding and justify this choice taking into account the maturity of the project and activities.

Evaluation: made by 4 expert evaluators and the best files are invited to come and present their project at the Commission in Brussels for the final selection (10 minutes of pitch and 20 minutes of questions / answers – the presentation of the pitch is to be sent at the same time the filing of the written proposal).

Evaluation time: maximum 4 months including signature of the funding agreement, maximum 6 months after the submission of the application.
Rating: the 3 parts of the file (Excellence, Impact and Implementation) each account for 1/3 of the overall score.

Next application dates: October 7th, 2020 (ALL SECTORS)

More information on the European Commission website dedicated to EIC

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SME Instrument

Jan  2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Hungary)
Feb 2018   | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Portugal, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Iceland, Italy)
Mar 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Finland, Spain, Israel, Slovenia)
May 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Denmark, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland)
May 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Poland)

EIC Accelerator

Oct 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Suède, Hongrie, Italie, Espagne, Irelande, Israël)
Nov 2018 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Allemagne, Israël, Portugal, Italie, Pologne, Lituanie, Turquie)
Jan 2019  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (Israël, Hongrie, Lettonie, Espagne, Allemagne, Turquie)
Fev 2019  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2019 confidential (Irelande, Grèce, Belgique, Estonie, Italie, Lettonie, République Tchèque, Suède, Serbie, Slovénie)
Avr 2019 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (Espagne, Icelande, Lettonie, Danemark, Hollande, Espagne, Lettonie, Estonie)
Sep 2019 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2019 confidential (Allemagne, Royaume-Uni, Serbie, Autriche, Roumanie, Ukraine, Danemark, Pologne, Grèce)
Oct 2019 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (Royaume-Uni, Espagne, Israël, Hollande, Suisse)

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