European Project Coordination

We are experts & evaluators for the European Commission since 2001 and specialise on Horizon Europe, Eurostars, EIC, LIFE, and the EIT programmes.

Our Experts regularly evaluate projects applying for funding and also perform audits (financials) on E.U projects or organizations at the request of the Commission. Thanks to this experience and our knowledge, we provide a complete support to your E.U project coordination (from defining the project to building the Consortium and writing the proposal).

Marketkaps assists you in setting up European R&D and innovation projects but also in other projects at national level (France, Belgium and Switzerland).
Our services range from definition of the R&D&I project, through writing the proposal, preparing the work packages, the annexes and making the cost calculations until the submission.

Structuration & Organisation

Our experience of more than 30 years as entrepreneur allows us to accompany you on all subjects related to the structuring and organizing your company or your project to perform.

We implement all the operations to increase the growth of your business and your turnover so that you are “investment ready”. Our services include Product positioning, Go-To-Market strategy, Business model, distribution model, export strategy, financial strategy, preparation for fund raising, etc.

Passionate about new technologies, we also assist you in the development of your blockchain & crypto projects (Web 3.0 & Metaverse). Our service include ICO fundraising, communication and community building, animation, project management, structuring, white-paper, business model and tokenomics, etc.

For your innovative technology projects

Marketkaps intervenes mainly in technological projects, innovative in all areas of I.T (including AI, Blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity, e-commerce, Cloud computing, Big Data, etc.). We operate in all sectors of activity using new technologies with clients in logistics and supply chain, smart agriculture (and Agritech), autonomous vehicles (and topics related to Urban Mobility), energies (sustainable energy), health (HealthTech), perfumery, media and food.

Today, we develop more than 70% of our activity outside France and in more than 20 countries.

E.U building

E.U Projects coordination and consultancy

We assist you in identifying the right E.U funding programme that best suits your project and help you defining the project’s purpose, finding partners for your consortia, writing and setting up your European projects until its submission.

Expert & Evaluator since 2001, we have a long experience of projects and accompany you in your applications for grants, loans, subsidies, guarantees, … with the European Commission (Horizon Europe, Eurostars-Eureka, European Innovation Council (EIC), LIFE programme, European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), the EIF and the EIB (Loans and guarantees). We deliver adapted services and support from the drafting of proposals by European Experts to the submission, the coordination of your E.U projects and its management until the release of funds.

Some of our services can be financed up to 50% by BPI France (Diag Europe & DIAG PTI) and some Regional Councils or Local Authorities.

Operating Strategic Advisory

We assist you in defining your strategies and prepare you to be “investment ready”! Our services include Product positioning, Go-To-Market strategy, Business model, distribution model, export strategy, financial strategy, preparation for fund raising, etc. (including the type of investments, equity, grants, repayable advances) as well as the valuation, the agenda and the phasing.

We also provide support for building your investor’s kit helping you creating your business plan, teaser, one pager, deck and pitch deck, financial BP (XLS).

Rising funds? Our Experts are also with you during the whole investment process and participate to meetings and negotiations. We coach you for oral presentations (and pitch-deck) and assist throughout the entire process of fundraising.

From the first seed capital to the PRE-IPO & IPO operations, we provide complete set of financial services and support:

  • Choice of Listing-sponsor/Nomad,
  • Preparation of documents (prospectus, reference documents,…),
  • Financial strategy (and agenda, assistance with the drafting of the prospectus if necessary, in France (Euronext) and in the United Kingdom (AIM – London Stock Exchange).

Web 3.0 & Metaverse

We assist you in the structuring of your Blockchain / Metaverse project and your tokenisation, whether you want to conduct an ICO or any other crypto fundraising operation (including D.A.O and community animation). We support and assist you from start to finish with our international network of partners (project/structure set-up and support throughout the operation, definition of services, tokenization of the model (tokenomics), assistance and writing of the white-paper, one pager, pitch deck, listing on exchange platforms (and negotiations), private presentation to investors, etc.  Our range of services includes general tokenomics consulting as well as token valuation with methods such as QTM, DCF and Comparables.


Expert for the main European funding programmes

E.U Projects coordination


E.U Projects coordination


EIC Accelerator