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Marketkaps specializes in helping companies and research groups successfully apply for EU funding. Our team of Experts & Evaluators works closely with your organization to identify EU funding opportunities, develop a project, find partners and write a winning application.

Raising EU funding is an extremely competitive process as the EU selects only exceptional projects. While an outstanding project is an absolute must, the skills to sell your idea to the Evaluators and knowledge of the EU policy context are equally key.

We offer high-quality, customized project application and implementation services to help clients seize new EU funding opportunities and turn innovative ideas into funded projects. This ranges from EU public grants and private investments identification, consortium recruitment, bid writing, negotiation with the granting authorities, budgeting, quality control and implementation of projects.

We have a sound track record of more than 18 years in submitting EU funding applications on behalf of SMBs with project budgets ranging from thousands to several million euros.

The most typical services we include, among others:

  • Mapping of EU funding opportunities
  • Application writing, either in full or related to some specific work packages like project management, exploitation & dissemination or monitoring and evaluation;
  • Proofreading and assessment of eligibility of your proposal as the grant evaluator would do
  • Introduction to relevant consortia and partners’ recruitment for applications


After the funding of your project, we offer also services in project management and coordination of the project, assistance in the preparation of the deliverables and reports.

Apply for Horizon 2020

Startups and established companies with breakthrough ideas can benefit from Horizon 2020, the EU’s biggest research and innovation program. In particular, the SME Instrument provides two grants to help companies grow. In Phase 1, SMEs receive a €50,000 grant to undertake a six-month feasibility study into their product, market, customers, competitors and finances. In Phase 2, companies can apply for between €500,000 and €2.5 million to expand their business across Europe and globally.

Fundraising preparation, identification of financing programs, selection, setup of financial strategy

Identification of partners, building of consortium, contract negotiation

Agenda definition, writing drafts & proposals

Assistance & support along the project life’s cycle, project management, assistance on reporting

Providing our E.U funding expertise since 2002

2000 | EINER
2002 – 2004 |
eEBO / eContent Exposure & Business
2002 – 2003 | Clipcard / European Violation Traffic Ticket
2004 – 2006 | eJustice / Towards a global security & visibility framework for justice in Europe
2004 – 2006 | MEMO / a multichannel platform for tourism in Europe
2006 – 2009 | R4eGov / Towards eAdministration in the Large

April 2017 | E!1_confidential (Germany, Austria, Portugal)
April 2017 | E!2_confidential (The Netherlands, United Kingdom)
Oct   2017  | E!3_confidential (Germany)
Jan  2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Hungary)
Feb 2018   | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Portugal, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Iceland, Italy)
Mar 2018  | E!4_confidential (Austria, Romania, Slovak Republic)
Mar 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Finland, Spain, Israel, Slovenia)
May 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Denmark, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland)
May 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Poland)

Oct 2017  | E!3_confidential (Germany)
Oct 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Israel)
Nov 2018 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Germany, Israel, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey)
Jan 2019  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (Israel, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, Germany, Turkey)
Feb 2019  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2019 confidential (Ireland, Greece, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Serbia, Slovenia)
Aprl 2019 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (Spain, Iceland, Latvia, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Estonia)

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