innochain cofounder

The European Business Bank at the service of innovation

innochain© is a European Business Bank based in Luxembourg and operating throughout Europe.

Co-founded by Marketkaps© and Aleo Finances International, innochain© is a new generation of financial partner for innovative companies offering strategic operations consulting, European financing expertise and Business Banking Services (equity fundraising, loans, financial guarantees, loans for innovation  (from the European Investment Bank, etc.).

Our team answers all the financing needs of innovative SMEs and mid & late stage start-ups.



Providing the necessary deep expertise to create and operate your financing strategy

Our expertise lies in our ability to prepare, structure and apply with innovative proposals for your acceleration.

Building your financing strategy is a complex task that requires the in-depth expertise of professionals. As former bankers and experts in innovation financing, we help you structure, organize and plan your financing strategy.

With more than 25 years of skills and expertise in putting together applications for national and European, public and private funding programmes, we are able to deliver the results you expect. In addition, and under certain conditions, we are also able to support your project directly through Bridge loan, Venture loan and Equity.

Our teams provide support through the following services:

Public Grants

From Regions, Metropoles, Public Banks, etc.), non dilutive (grants, loans, ..) and loan/leasing, guarantees, bank operating support..

Private & Public Loans

Search for public & private loans programs (from public and private banks, Regions, Metropoles, corporate, etc..).


From public & private funding programs (Regions, Metropole Areas, Public Banks, Corporate, etc.) but also from banks.

Participatory Loans

To strengthen the permanent capital and help preserve the financial autonomy without any dilution or repayment guarantees.

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