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European Commission Experts & Evaluators since 2001, Marketkaps supports you with your European projects. We work closely with you to identify all available funding opportunities, to develop your project and to prepare a winning proposal.

Setting up European projects is an extremely competitive process because Europe only selects exceptional projects. An exceptional project is essential, but the necessary skills to sell your idea to the evaluators as well as the knowledge of the European political context are also essential.

We offer personalized high quality project implementation and application services to help clients seize the new funding opportunities offered by the European Commission. Applications for H2020 and soon for Horizon Europe, Europe’s largest research and innovation program, allow start-ups and SMEs with innovative ideas to receive funding for their innovations. Our areas of expertise are #IoT, #AI, #Blockchain, #Cybersecurity, #Cloud, #GreenTech, #Energie, #HealthTech and more generally # IT and #software.

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Preparation for funding, identification of European programs and European public grants, selection, definition of the strategy and implementation of the action plan.


Identification of partners (if applicable and according to published calls for proposals), construction of the consortium, negotiation of contracts, organization of tasks between partners, agenda.


Definition of the agenda, implementation of European projects including the complete writing, the preparation of appendices, “Work Packages” and deliverables. Proofreading and evaluation of the eligibility of your proposal as an evaluator would do.


Assistance & support throughout the life of the project, management, implementation and follow-up of deliverables, reporting assistance


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EU Funding
Innowwide Eureka Eurostars


Up to 2.5 million euros in Grant (70% of eligible costs financed by the EU) for Start-ups & SMEs (-250 employees) for single partner.

Next dates for call for applications: October 7, 2020

Applicants must demonstrate the degree of innovation of their product, process or service and have developed an ambitious marketing strategy, with strong potential for internationalization and growth.

More info about EIC ACCELERATOR >>


Each partner in the winning projects is funded by its national funder, in the form of grants at the following rates:
Eurostars PME (100 and 250 people, full-time equivalent (FTE)): 40% of eligible expenses
Non-Eurostars SMEs: 30% of eligible expenses Company with 250 to 2,000 employees: 30% of eligible expenses
Laboratories and universities: 40% of the total cost up to a limit of 100 K €

The signing of the grant agreement is subject to the production of a consortium agreement validated by the national donor.

Next call for proposal: for 2021 : February and September

Find out more about EUROSTARS >>


€ 60K to finance a feasibility study for Start-ups & SMEs (-250 employees)


INNOWWIDE (Viability / feasibility study for innovative solutions) aims to support innovative European companies in their international development through technological partnerships with non-European partners and to finance at least 120 SMEs & startups to enable them to implement their “VAP” (Viability Assessment Projects).

Learn more about INNOWWIDE>>


SME Instrument

Jan  2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Hungary)
Feb 2018   | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Portugal, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Iceland, Italy)
Mar 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Finland, Spain, Israel, Slovenia)
May 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Denmark, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland)
May 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Poland)

EIC Accelerator Pilot

Oct 2018  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2018 confidential (Sweden, Hongary, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Israel)
Nov 2018 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2018 confidential (Germany, Israel, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey)
Jan 2019  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (Israel, Hongary, Lettonia, Spain, Germany, Turkey)
Fev 2019  | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2019 confidential (Ireland, Greece, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Lettonia, Czech republic, Sweden, Serbia, Slovenia)
Avr 2019 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (Spain, Iceland, Lettonia, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Lettonia, Estonia)
Sep 2019 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-1-2019 confidential (Germany, United-Kingdom, Serbia, Austria, Romania, Ukrain, Denmark, Poland, Greece)
Oct 2019 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2019 confidential (United-Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland)
Dec 2020 | H2020-EIC-SMEINST-2-2020 confidential (Audit on running project)

Seventh framework programme

2020 | Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Hungary


Apr 2017 | E!1_confidential (Germany, Austria, Portugal)
Apr 2017 | E!2_
confidential (The Netherlands, United Kingdom)
Oct 2017  | E!3_
confidential (Germany)
Mar 2018 | E!4_
confidential (Austria, Romania, Slovak Republic)
Oct 2017  | E!5
_confidential (Allemagne)
Oct 2019  | E!6_confidential (Suisse)
Mar 2020 | E!7_confidential (Poland, Portugal)
Oct 2020  | E!8_confidential (Suisse)

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