From the early stages of your project to its completion, we provide strategic support and guidance based on over 20 years of expertise in European project management for the European Commission.

Setting up a European project cannot be improvised. We know that the many opportunities and changes along the way constitute significant risks of not being in total adequacy with the expectations of the calls for projects.
We facilitate and improve your efficiency in the preparation of your projects and orchestrate the coordination of work with partners at each stage of the application process until the submission.

Once the project is funded and committed (grant agreement signed), we bring our expertise in project management, preparation of deliverables and coordination of work packages and tasks between partners.
Our in-depth knowledge of project management steps allows us to identify risks in advance and propose clear strategies to mitigate them and deliver the quality expected by the European Commission.


European Commission Experts at your service

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We accompany you for :

  • The preparation and writing of the complete proposal (annexes, work packages, deliverables).
  • Proofreading and assessing the eligibility of your proposal as a proposal evaluator would.
  • Designing explanatory diagrams to support the writing
  • Search for partners and create consortia
  • Coordination of the collaboration between partners
  • Taking care of all the administrative procedures necessary for the submission
  • Preparation and realization of (individual) project budgets

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